Announcements -- I take a lot of pride in what I do as your master of ceremonies. It's important to me that your guests know what's happening when a special dance or presentation is getting underway. I have actually trained with ImprovBoston and then performed as a cast member there for five years. Public speaking, being comfortable and confident in front of a crowd, and being an effective communicator is a crucial part of wedding DJing and MCing. My style is calm, crisp, and courteous. I'm neither the guy announcing the start of the boxing match (think: "lllllllets get ready to rumble!!!"). Nor am I the announcer at the train station making barely audible announcements ("what did he just say? Now boarding on track 3??")

     Music selection -- when shopping for your entertainment, please be mindful of one critically important thing: the value of a DJ's library has nothing to do with number of songs. A professional catalog needs to be well curated; junk needs to be weeded-out, lower quality songs need to be upgraded, playlists need to be well organized and sorted, genres need to be accurate, and tracks must be properly tagged with notes and color flags to make sure they are easy to find when necessary. Anybody can show up to a party with their laptop with 100,000 songs on it and push Play every three and a half minutes for five hours. But it takes care and pre-planning to know best which songs lead well into others, which beats fit together, which sets create the right flow, or ebb, of party energy. I'm not saying my library and playlists are perfect - they're always a work-in-process, but I do spend a great deal of time studying, editing, and adding to my collection, week after week.

     Sound reproduction -- technology has come a long way, and there are admittedly some very high quality "powered speakers" out there these days. And while I'd never begrudge a DJ that opts for the portability and convenience of that kind of plug-and-play setup, my sound system is a robust "component" design, with full-size passive cabinets and separate rack of processors and amplifiers. Sure it's back breaking to lug around, but it's worth the flexibility of having EQ's, compressors, and crossovers feeding into three individual power amplifiers: one for high-frequency sounds, one for mid- to low-range frequencies, and one for full-bodied bass and thump!

     Back-ups and redundancies -- As mentioned above, I employ a three-amp rack system, which is key to the sound level and quality I want to put out there for you and your guests. But one other advantage to that design is the inherent redundancies. Any one of those three amplifiers could power the system on its own, within mere minutes of reconfiguring and rewiring. In addition, in most cases I travel with a modest but powerful pair of self-powered speakers - yes like those I disparaged above. Like I said, they are of incredibly high quality and very capable in a pinch (but I'm still hooked on the component amp rack system). Beyond the sound system, I also carry two MacBook Pros, both with the same library and software loaded and ready to go if one fails to boot up or crashes, along with backup, bootable external drives. Lastly, I also always carry and setup two identical handheld wireless microphones, as well as a backup wired mic, just in case the venue is loaded with radio waves causing just too much interference.

     Remote speakers -- available at a nominal additional cost, we can provide remote stand-alone speakers when your bar or cocktail area might be located just outside of the main ballroom. You want your guests to still be able to hear announcements, or when their favorite song comes on so they can drop that drink and make a bee-line for the dance floor.

     On-line booking tool -- nobody likes shuffling papers around; printing, signing, and scanning contracts. Not only does my online booking tool allow you to make initial inquiries and finalize your contract, you will also use it to provide any important information, like names for introductions and special song selections, as well as make payments. You can even login to your personal client website and check the status of your account and any payments due at any time.